Ulrich Schäfer

GmbH & Co KG


The company site is located about 5 km from the highway, on the outskirts of Owschlag and covers an area of approx. 100,000 m².


The production is carried out in 5 hangars with a total of approximately 5,000 m² production and assembly area. Additionally there

are 15,000 m² for external warehouse.


We are currently employing 40 workers, which are all qualified specialists. In order to assure quality, in our company there are employed 4 welding specialists, 1 welding engineer, 2 technicians, 3 metal working experts, 2 examiners for magnetic powder level 2,

2 examiners for dye penetrant testing level 2, as also 1 examiner level 2 for visual inspection.


Beside the above, we also have employed 6 certified welders, certified according to DIN EN 287-1 of the Germanischen Lloyd.


STAHLBAU SCHWEISS-FACHBETRIEB - Ulrich Schäfer GmbH & Co KG - 24811 Owschlag - An der Landesstr.265 - Tel: 0 43 36 – 33 27 • Impressum