In the field of wind energy we have several well-known companies included to our customers,
which we supply with special lifting equipment, transport racks, assembly tools and storage racks.

Here we manufacture firstly according to the production plans of the customers,
but we also provide the opportunity to develop individualized products to the customer.
On request, we can create static calculations and construction plans.

Depending on the application, our products can also be certified by a classification society, for example, according to DNV 2.22.

All components manufactured by us are built and welded exclusively by skilled workers.
Our main focus is to provide the customer with a quality product, reason for which we are testing our products to a rigorously quality control,
so the welds are tested for example, a non-destructive quality testing of materials,
the material traceability is guaranteed by an own Restamping authorization from the Germanischer Lloyd and on request,
we can accompany the coating of components by an external FROSIO Color inspector.