Offshore Services:

Due to increasing demand from our customers for services offshore, we decided in late 2013 to train our own personnel for offshore applications. Our trained staff is trained in Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) and Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) and has valid certificates. The bases for it are the medical examinations G41, G25, G20 as well as the offshore suitability investigation.
The basic equipment of our employees is represented by their own survival suits, PSA and climbing equipment.

What services do we cover?

  1. Welding and metalwork:
    Our employees have valid welding examinations in the process 111, 131, 135, 138, 141 and 738 and are trained specialists. Among others, we can provide 2 welding professionals. For work where the material must be preheated, we own 2 Mobile preheating units
    with mats which offer the huge advantage that they can be dispensed with combustion gases for preheating of welds.
  2. Non-destructive material testing:
    Safety is always a top priority. Unimaginable what happens when faulty welds lead to serious accidents. For this reason, we have 2
    own material examiners for non-destructive testing, formed in accordance to EN 473 for MT & PT Level 2. In addition, both are
    also welding professionals (IWS).
  3. Low tension vibrate:
    The alternative to the stress relief we can provide also offshore, as long as the components can be mounted on rubber buffers.
    Here, there are component sizes possible from 100 kg to 100 tones. The vibratory process is controlled by a computer. During
    the process, the computer logs each measurement value and creates a voltage graph for documentation. The system consists
    of a vibrator and a computer

that can be transported in a space-saving and cost-effective manner. It can vibrate in a stress-relieved manner: ferrite construction
and mechanical steel, as also grey cast iron, graphite cast iron, cast steel and austenitic chromium-nickel-steel.