Vibration Relief:

Vibrate or vibration relief is a very effective alternative to the stress relief. This is a metal-physical process that degrades residual stresses
from welding and casting with the assistance of specific vibrations, thereby stabilizing work pieces in their dimension. Compared
to the familiar vibration, stress relief has a number of distinct advantages reliefs regarding usage, speed and costs on:

  • Thus, the components don’t need to be transported. The vibration device can be easily brought by car to the site.
    This saves already considerable cost and time.
  • Relief lasts depending on the component 2 – 4 hours, and is then immediately ready for further processing.
    This is valuable time that is saved here.
  • By vibrating the delay in the component is very low. Subsequent straightening work remains spared.
  • The vibration is controlled by the computer; the following treatment protocol is created with all measured values,
    ensuring that everything is documented up to 100%.
  • The vibration system can be used for relief component sizes from 100 kg to 100 tones.
    The dimensions of the component are not primarily important.
  • The vibration can be in almost all common ferreted construction and engineering steels, such as S235, S355
    and superior use. Gray, nodular and cast steel and austenitic chromium-nickel steels are also possible.

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